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Letrozole medicine is used for the purpose of treating different kind of cancers like the breast cancer which is hormone-receptor, it happens commonly to women after the menopause. Letrozole is also very helpful in preventing cancer from returning. There are some breast cancers which grow at a fast rate because of a natural hormone known as estrogen. Letrozole helps in decreasing the amount of the estrogen hormone which the body makes as this proves very helpful in reversing or slowing the growth of different breast cancers.

Letrozole is also used for the purpose of treating the problem of infertility in women. This medication is also generally known as breast cancer letrozole.

How to use Letrozole Drug?

Before using this drug, make sure that you read the leaflet of patient information carefully, this leaflet is provided by the pharmacist, so make sure to go through it before starting this medicine and the time when you get a refill of it. In the case of any questions or confusions related to female medication, speak to your doctor or the pharmacist.

You need to take letrozole by the mouth; it is generally taken once in a day, after food or without taking food, this needs to be confirmed by the respective doctor. The dosage of Letrozole is also based on the medical condition of a patient and the response of the patient to the treatment.It is advised to use this medicine on a regular basis if you want to get more benefits from it. To make sure that you take in on a daily basis, take it at a particular time each day.

As this medicine can be easily absorbed by your lungs and skins, pregnant women should not take this medicine as they cannot handle it and they should not also take the dust from the Letrozole Tablets.

In case you see any side-effects occurring, like some new breast lumps, then contact your doctor immediately.

Precautions while taking letrozole 2.5mg:

Before you start taking letrozole 2.5mg, it is necessary to tell your pharmacist or doctor in case you are allergic to it or to the medicine anastrozole, or in case you have any other allergies. This product may have some inactive ingredients which can also cause allergic reactions and other issues as well. To get other details on it, speak to your pharmacist.

Before you start using generic Letrozole, it is compulsory to tell you pharmacist or the doctor to tell your whole medical history, specifically if you have the problem of cholesterol (fats), any kind of bone problem such as osteoporosis, osteopenia, blood clots or stroke, a heart disease like heart attack, chest pain, heart failure, kidney problem, high blood pressure, or liver problems.

Letrozole may make you feel tired and dizzy and it can also cause blurred vision. This is why it is recommended to not to use any machinery, don’t drive, or you should also not do any of the tasks which require clear vision or alertness. Do these activities only when you feel alert and active. Limit Alcoholic beverages.

It is also necessary to inform your doctor about all the herbal products, prescribed or non-prescribed medicine you are taking.

Letrozole should not be used by the pregnant woman as it can harm the unborn baby. Letrozole is generally used by women after their menopause. So, if you have gone through your menopause in the recent times, discuss with your doctor about the need for the use of birth controls. Don’t take the birth control products which have estrogen in them. Talk to your doctor for further details and if you become pregnant while taking the medicine or you are planning to become pregnant, then tell your doctor about it.

It is still not known if the Letrozole drug goes into the breast milk and it may also harm the nursing infant. This is the reason why breastfeeding is not recommended while using the Letrozole medication. Thus, consult your doctor about it.


The interaction of drug can actually change that how the medication works or it increases the risk of some of the serious side-effects. We have not listed the possible interactions which can happen in the case of different drugs. This is the reason why it is necessary to inform your doctor about all the medication, prescribed or not-prescribes, any kind of herbal products, tell your doctor about it. A person should never stop or change the dosage without discussing it with the respective doctor.

There are some of the products which can interact with Letrozole, these drugs include, estrogens such as estradiol, ethyl, the conjugated estrogens and the estrogen blockers like tamoxifen and anastrozole.

Overdose of Letrozole

In the case of an overdose of Letrozole, speak to your doctor immediately. People also compare Letrozole vs aromasin, though it is always considered better to speak to your before taking any of the medicine.

What are Letrozole side effects?

The side-effects of Letrozole include:

If you see any of these side-effects and they get worse or persist for a long time, then talk to your pharmacist or doctor immediately.

Though, people most of the time become sceptical about taking Letrozole because of its side-effects. They forget to understand that a doctor prescribe Letrozole or any other medicine, after judging the benefits it provides, and after judging if the benefits are more than the risk, doctors provide this medicine. There are a number of people who are using this medicine and they haven’t come across any of the side-effects.

If you see any of the serious side-effects, the contact your doctor immediately, those side effects can include:

  • Changes in the mood( Anxiety or depression)
  • Yellowing of the skin or eyes.
  • Vomiting/Nausea
  • Bone Fractures
  • Swelling of the legs and arms.
  • Blurred Vision
  • Unusual Tiredness
  • Dark Urine

Female letrozole can also cause serious problems, though they are very rare, problems such as heart stroke or attack, blood clots. If you experience any problem such as:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain in the jaw/chest/left arm
  • Confusion
  • Coughing up blood
  • Sudden fainting/dizziness
  • Swelling/pain/bones in the calf or groin
  • Numbness/tickling/weakness in the legs/arms
  • Vision changes
  • Slurred speech
  • A sudden weakness in the left side of the body
  • A severe/sudden headache

The above-mentioned list of side effects of letrozole is not complete. If you notice some kind of side effects in your body which are not listed in the above list, then contact your doctor immediately.

Hi, I want to know about the cost of Letrozole?

The cost of Letrozole depends on the brand of the medicine. Different brand providers differ in their prices.

Hi, Letrozole Breast cancer are the two terms related?

Yes, as letrozole is used for the person of treating and preventing breast cancer.

Hi, My name is Joanne, can I get take letrozole without prescription?

Yes, you can but you are recommended to speak to your doctor before taking this medicine. And it is also necessary to tell all your medical condition to your doctor.

Hi, can I take letrozole 2.5mg?

Please speak to your doctor about the Letrozole dosage as in the case of the overdose, serious side effects can occur.

Hello, can I buy letrozole without prescription?

Yes, you can get Letrozole without prescription but speak to your doctor before taking this medicine as it can have some serious side-effects in case it gets interacts with other medicines or supplements you are taking.

Is it possible to buy letrozole buy online?

Yes, you can easily buy this medicine online. There are a number of websites which provide the same.

Hi, I am Julie, I live in Canada. Can I get letrozole Canada?

Yes, you can easily get it from a Canadian Pharmacy.

Hi, is letrozole generic online?

Yes, you can get it online.

Hola, Can I buy letrozole UK?

Yes, you can easily get it from a pharmacy.

Hello, is it necessary to buy Letrozole with prescription?

No, you can get it otherwise as well, but it is highly recommended to speak to your doctor before you buy Letrozole.

Hi, I am Charlotte, can I get letrozole tablets online?

Yes, there are a number of websites which provide it online.

Hi, Can you please tell me about the letrozole dosage?

You need to speak to your doctor or the pharmacist about it as it varies from to patient to patient.

Hi, are there any side-effects of Letrozole?

Yes, there are some side-effects, please check the list above.

Hi, Can I get buy letrozole UK?

Yes, there are pharmacies which provide Letrozole UK.

Can I order letrozole online?

Yes, you can easily get it from the online platform.

Maria, a media professional said, “I bought Letrozole Online, my doctor prescribed this medicine,it has been a great help for me in preventing my breast cancer.”

Sana, a professional said, “I started taking Letrozole after my menopause to treat breast cancer as told by my doctor, this drug has been a great help for me.”

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