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IS THERE HOPE? Cancer Explained

Over the years, cancer has been seen as the dangerous plague whose diagnosis leaves the affected with eulogies in their mind’s eye, as though their transition to the next world is imminent. It’s a feared condition whose effect rolls over to loved ones, that soon becomes a burden that weighs heavily on them. Perhaps the burden is greater on finances than in any other area. However, despite the cost, the value for life is far greater. Cancer survivors know all too well how special life can be. Slowing down or stopping a life that is fast running out of time due to cancer is a question that can be addressed in different ways. First, let’s discuss cancer. Like AIDS and Malaria, you must have heard about cancer, experienced it first hand or by extension. If you are visiting this site, you are either seeking help or knowledge. Cancer’s starting point is the body cells. These cells represent the body’s building blocks which are formed when needed to serve as replacement for dead or old cells. When new cells are form before there is need and the old ones don’t die when they should, the extra mass of cells becomes a tumor. Malignant tumors are cancer which attack nearby body tissues, sometimes disintegrating to start growing elsewhere in the body and this is how cancer spreads. Different types of cancer derive their names from their origin point for instance breast cancer begins in the breast.Don’t lose hope, cancer is treatable and best eliminated when diagnosed during its early stages.

Chemo drugs

Oral chemotherapy is a cancer management or treatment option based on an oncologist’s prescription of cancer drugs. Cost is an implication that many have to bear with. Nevertheless, cancer treatment doesn’t have to be as expensive as people imagine it to be. Both online and offline stores stock cancer pills at competitive prices and sometimes with massive discounts. Traditionally, many shied away from online purchases although the trend is different today. Online purchase is fast gaining ground owing to the immense benefits and convenience it offers patient.

Why is Online Purchase Trending Today?

After going through hassles associated offline drugs purchase, patients have resorted to online purchase and this trend is growing at a remarkably fast rate. There is no doubt that it is quite convenient to check availability, compare pricing, place an order and still have your order delivered to you at the click of a button. lifesaving.clinic is a recognized online cancer drugs supplier that has maintained a wide network across the globe since its inception. Our esteemed clients can now conveniently purchase gefitinib low cost cancer drugs in USA, UK, Russia, China, Japan, Europe, Africa, and other parts of the world.What’s more, we also process bulk gefitinib orders from exporters and NGO’s all over the world, both brand and generic drugs.

Buy cheap Gefitinib online from lifesaving.clinic and take advantage of our world’s lowest prices.

Why lifesaving.clinic?

Over the years, lifesaving.clinic has offered unmatched services to its clients globally. Our quality for order delivery and order prices speaks for us. There are numerous benefits linked to our services that keep customers coming again and again.

  • Uncompromised safety - all gefitinib drug prescriptions are dispensed and verified by registered pharmacists through a rigorous process before they can be dispatched to the patient’s address.
  • Fast Delivery – Never mind about how long you will have to wait for your order to reach you. You will be surprised at how fast and effective our delivery system is.
  • Worldwide supply – Our deliveries have no boundaries, wherever you are, we will reach you.
  • Safe and secure payment process
  • Brand Equivalent Generics- We only supply cancer drugs that are equal in quality to their brand counterparts.
  • Competitive prices- We have complied comparison charts for each drug just to show that we offer the cheapest prices compared with other suppliers. There is much to gain by opting to purchase your chemo pills from lifesaving.clinic

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Under what conditions do I get a refund?

According to our refund policy, if your consignment does not arrive within the stipulated dates or goes missing for some reason, we will ship to you another consignment or a full refund as per your request.

Product Guarantee

Our gefitinib brand products are 100% original. You can verify that you have an original drug by querying the code on each gefitinib pill.

Buy cheap gefitinib online from lifesaving.clinic, the world’s cheapest supplier of gefitinib cancer drugs.

We guarantee top quality for our Gefitinib generics too. Every package you receive for Gefitinib has clear information about manufacturer and date of manufacture. lifesaving.clinic has ensured that its clients get clear information on what they are receiving by clearly labeling the packages. The difference between Gefitinib and brand (gefitinib ) is clear, clients can tell at a glance.If you are using the pills for the first time, find out the difference between the brand (gefitinib ) and (Gefitinib) cancer drugs and know well what you have ordered.

For all your wholesale or retail gefitinib cancer drugs order and at the lowest cost, contact us through lifesaving.clinic and get your order shipped to you anywhere around the world.

Now that you are familiar with our services, how about acquainting you with some of the cancer drugs we have available in stock.


The chart below reflects a comparison between lifesaving.clinic Gefitinib cost and other suppliers’ prices in the market. We offer very competitive pricing that will give your wallet substantial savings and value for every penny you spend. 

Gefitinib refers the cancer drug name while gefitinib is its US brand name. Some simply call it gefitinib or even gefitinib to refer to it in general terms. Lung cancer patients have much to benefit from gefitinib tablets. It specifically treats non-cell lung cancer by inhibiting spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body. Occasionally, gefitinib drug has been used in treating cancer that has already spread to other parts of the body. gefitinib drug must always be taken following the prescription of an oncologist. Those with Liver, kidney, vision, respiratory, lung conditions should be careful to disclose this information to the doctor during prescription of gefitinib. Gefitinib drug also has an effect on those allergic to it, those breastfeeding, and can affect fertility for those planning to become pregnant. An ideal gefitinib prescription is a single tablet a day. Patients are advised to take the drug at the same time every day.

Gefitinib Prescribing Information

Grefitinib comes in 250mg tablets. A dose is normally one Grefitinib tablet a day. It is not an over the counter cancer drug and must be prescribed by the doctor after the necessary blood tests have been performed. Strict adherence to the doctor’s prescription is advised as an irregular dose may affect the performance of Gefitinib. An overdose too may have an adverse effect on the body and immediate medical attention should be sought in case of an overdose. Gefitinib tablets may be taken with food or without, or by diluting in 120ml to 240ml plain water. Effects like dry skin, rashes, constant itching, acne, mouth sores, and general weakness may be experienced while taking gefitinib medication. This should not alarm you. However, if they persist, alert your doctor for further examination. On the other hand, gefitinib lung cancer pills may have grave effects on other patients such as

  • Coughs, troubled breaths and fever
  • Constant diarrhea
  • Poor vision
  • Affected eyes e.g. too watery, pain, redness, sensitivity to light and irritation
  • Swelling body parts – eyes, ears, nose, limbs
  • Darkened urine and pale stool
  • Blisters accompanied by peeling skin
  • Abdominal pain and vomiting
  • Serious nausea
  • Yellowing of eyes and skin

Such gefitinib side effects warrant emergency medical attention and should not be taken lightly.

Safety Precautions

gefitinib medication should be stored in a cool dry place away from children’s reach.- The most recommended disposal method for Gefitinib drug is through medicine take-back programs. Otherwise, ensure that while disposing from home, pets, children and people are not at risk of consuming them. Never flush Gefitinib drugs in the toilet. It would be noteworthy to point out that gefitinib lung cancer drugs are compatible with some over the counter drugs such as

  • Erlotinib
  • Isordil (Isosorbidedinitrate)Avastin (Bevacizumab)
  • Dexedrine (Dextroamphetamine)
  • Lenalidomide
  • Inderal (Propranolol)

In this same regard, it is important to inform your doctor of any other medication you are taking.

For all your wholesale or retail gefitinib cancer drugs order and at the lowest cost, contact us through lifesaving.clinic and get your order shipped to you anywhere around the world.

Is there any special diet recommended while on gefitinib lung cancer medication?

Gefitinib medication is taken with normal diet unless your oncologist recommends a special diet for you.

What should I avoid when on gefitinib medication?

Antacids like zantac, prevacids and pepcid should not be spaced 6hours before or after when taking erlotinib gefitinib tablets.

What do I do if I skip a Gefitinib dose?

Take the said dose unless immediately you remember unless you are less than 12 hours away from your next dose.

What do I do in the case of Gefitinib overdose?

Seek immediate medical attention. Alternatively, contact the American poison Help line immediately on 1-800-222-1222.if you reside in USA or the Poison Help Line of your country.

I have been given a new lease of life.

“When I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-small Lung Cancer 8 months ago I lost hope, having listened to other disheartening stories about cancer. My oncologist prescribed Gefitinib cancer tablets. I wasn’t really sure where to get these Gefitinib drugs until I discovered lifesaving.clinic online. I feel like I have just been given a new lease of life and thanks to lifesaving.clinic for their unbeatable prices. Gefitinib drugs are working just fine.”

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I can now preplan my customers’ order schedule

“Thank you lifesaving.clinic I can now preplan my Gefitinib drug order timetable with my customers.”

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I will definitely recommend Gefitinib cancer drugs to others

“Since I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2013, I ordered Gefitinib cancer drugs from lifesaving.clinic. I have strictly observed my doc’s prescription and have never regretted since then. I experienced mild rashes and a pale skin at first but after taking Gefitinib drugs for some time with some rest in between, I discovered the rashes had disappeared and the feeling was great. I will definitely recommend Gefitinib cancer drugs to others.”

- Roberto, Mexico

My tumor has reduced drastically!

“It’s just six months of taking Gefitinib medication and the results are amazing. My tumor has reduced drastically!.”

- Flora, Australia

Thanks to you lifesaving.clinic, am a satisfied client

“I am just happy everything, from placing my Gefitinib drugs order through shipping to the time I received my order, went smooth. Thanks to you lifesaving.clinic, am a satisfied client.”

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“I must say I have had extremely difficult times trying to have my Gefitinib order get to me. It’s either delays, errors, overcharge. name it. In fact, somehow I developed a habit of making an allowance for such. I have received my first bulk Gefitnib order from lifesaving.clinic and I am surprised! Pricing calculation, tick; delivery time, tick; order quantity, tick. What more could I ask for. Business is good, no more delays with my orders.”

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Thank you, your services are great

“Thank you, your services are great and Gefitinib price is quite reasonable.”

- Cancer Drugs wholesaler, Holland

Your prices…the cheapest I have come across

“To be honest, I was amazed at the difference in Gefitinib price between your cancer drugs and that of other suppliers in the market. Your prices are the cheapest I have come across. The first thing I consider when I come across cheap price is quality. However, I found out that your Gefitinib drug quality is tops, not only for the brands but also generics.”You can count on lifesaving.clinic express delivery“I once had a very urgent Gefitinib wholesale order. Based on my experience with other suppliers, I was skeptical about express delivery services. lifesaving.clinic proved me wrong. Not only did I get Gefitinib drugs in time, the order was on point. I now know I can count on you again.”

- Mahamood, Egypt

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