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Exemestane is used for the purpose of treating different kinds of breast cancer, like the breast cancer which is receptor-positive in women which happen after menopause. Exemestane is also used for the purpose of preventing cancer from coming back in the body. There are many breast cancers which grow in a fast way because of a natural hormone called estrogen. Exemestane alleviated the amount of female hormone, estrogen and with the help of this medicine, the body resists to reverse and slow the increase in the breast cancer. Exemestane is not given to the women who are in the age of childbearing. Exemestane for breast cancer is used at a very high rate.

How to use the drug Exemestane?

Before you start taking exemestane, it is necessary to read the patient information carefully, this leaflet is provided by the pharmacist, this you need to do every time when you start using exemestane or you get it refill. In the case of any questions related to the dosage, speak to your doctor or pharmacist about it.

exemestane 25 is taken by the mouth and you it needs to be taken once in a day, after a meal or as prescribed by your doctor.

The Dosage of this medicine is also based on the medical condition of a person, for response to the treatment provided, and the other medicines which she must be taking. It is very necessary to inform your pharmacist or doctor the full details of all The products you use, for example if you use any kind of herbal products, non-prescription or prescription drugs, then share it all with the respective person. If you want to get the full benefit of this medicine then use it on a regular basis, thus, do remember to take it at the same time on a regular basis.

Exemestane is absorbed through the lungs and skin, women who planning to have a child or the women who are pregnant are not recommended to handle this medicine or intake the dust which comes out from the tablet of exemestane.

So, make sure that you take exemestane dosage in a right way.

What are the precautions of Exemestane?

Before you start taking exemestane, it is necessary to tell your pharmacist or doctor in case you are allergic to it or if there are some other allergy reactions. This medicine may also contain some inactive ingredients which can also cause some other serious problems. It is better to speak to your pharmacist to get the more details.

It is also very necessary to tell your medical history to your Doctor or the Pharmacist. Make sure that you tell your doctor if you have a high level of cholesterol, any kind of bone problems such as osteoporosis, osteopenia, blood clots, stroke, and any kind of heart disease, such as heart failure, heart attack, any kidney problem, liver problem, or high blood pressure.

Exemestane, the medication of it can make you feel tired and dizzy, thus, it is recommended that you should not drive, use any machine, or don’t do any work which requires your alertness, you can only do such activities when you feel sure to perform them. It is also recommended to limit the intake of alcoholic beverages.

This medicine should not be used at the time of pregnancy as it can prove harmful to the unborn baby. Exemestane is also used mainly after the menopause. So, if you are also near to menopause or still have not gone through menopause, and your doctor has prescribed this medicine to you, the discuss with your doctor if you need to take any reliable form of birth control, you should not take birth control which has estrogen in it.

It is better to consult your doctor immediately.It is not known if exemestane goes into the breast milk also as there is a possible risk to the newborn child, thus, a lady who is taking exemestane is not recommended to take this drug. Consult your doctor if you have to do breastfeeding.

Interactions of Exemestane

The interaction of the drug may change the way your medication works and it can also increase the risk of the side-effects. It is recommended to keep a list of all the products, such as the prescription or non-prescription products you use and the herbal products, share this with your pharmacist or the doctor. You should also not stop, change or start taking the dosage of exemestane without consulting your doctor.

There are some products which can interact with exemestane includes estrogens such as estradiol, ethyl, conjugated estrogens, the estrogen blockers like tamoxifen and anastrozole.

What are the side-effects of exemestane drug?

  • Tiredness
  • Muscle Pain
  • Joint of Bone Pain
  • Unusual Sweating
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Dizziness.

If you find any of these side-effects of exemestane persists or get worse, then inform your pharmacist or doctor immediately.

Always remember that your doctor will always prescribe the medicine as a doctor judges look at the benefits of the medicine which it will put on your body, the benefits doctor look at are greater than the side effects the medicine can have on you. There are also many people who use this medicine but they do not get any of the negative side-effects.

It is highly recommended to inform your doctor immediately in case you see any of the side-effects which can include: Bone fractures, mood changes, anxiety, depression, vomiting, dark colored urine, yellowing of the skin or eyes, mental changes and tiredness or any other

Exemestane side effects

Exemestane can also come to some problems which are rarely caused, problems such as heart stroke or attack, blood clot. It is necessary to get a medical help in case you experience shortness of breath, confusion, pain in the jaw, chest, or left arm pain, coughing blood, confusion, fainting, dizziness, pain, swelling, warmth in the calf/groin, weakness, numbness, tingling in the legs and arms, slurred speech, inflammation in legs or arms, feeling of weakness in one side of the body, severe headache, problem in the vision.

A serious allergic reaction to this drug is very rare. Though, in case you come across to such an allergic reaction, contact your doctor immediately. These symptoms can also include swelling, itching, rash in the tongue, neck, face, throat, and neck, problems related to trouble in breathing and dizziness can also occur.

The above-mentioned list is not complete, there can be some effects which can occur and they are not mentioned in the list, in such a case contact your pharmacist or doctor.

Hi, my name is Lauren, please tell me about exemestane dose?

You are required to take it once in a day after a meal, try to take it at the same time on a regular basis.

Can I buy exemestane Online?

Yes, you can buy exemestane online.

Hi, I am Joanna from where I can buy exemestane?

You can buy exemestane UK or you can also buy exemestane drug online.

Can I purchase exemestane online?

Yes, you can easily get it online.

Hello, what is Aromasin cost?

It depends on the brand you buy from.

Are there any exemestane side effects?

Yes, there are many, you can check the list as above mentioned and it is also very necessary to speak to your doctor or pharmacist about all your medical conditions.

Can I buy exemestane without prescription?

No, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before taking it.

Hi, my name is Julia, can I buy exemestane UK?

Yes, you can easily buy it from there.

Is exemestane drug for breast cancer?

Yes, it is for treating and preventing breast cancer.

exemestane buy with prescription?

Yes, it is suggested to visit your doctor, otherwise serious side effects can occur.

How to take exemestane dosing?

It is recommended consulting your pharmacist or doctor to know about the dosage.

Hi, Can I take exemestane 25 mg?

You should consult your doctor or the pharmacist before taking it.

Hi, I am Sarah, can I take buy exemestane to prevent Breast Cancer?

Yes, you can as it helps in treating and preventing breast Cancer but consult your doctor about it before you start taking.

My name Anna, I am 6 months pregnant, can I take exemestane dosage?

No, pregnant ladies should not take this medicine, you can also speak to your doctor about the alternatives.

Hi, can I buy exemestane from a Pharmacist?

Yes, but do make sure to consult your doctor before taking it.

Is it fine if I can take exemestane twice in a day?

No, you cannot take over dosage of this medicine, thus, it is necessary to consult the doctor if you want to change the dosage.

Mariam, a profession said “My Doctor prescribed me exemestane and this drug has worked wonders for me”

Sana, a housewife said “I took exemestane as advised by my Doctor and it has helped me a lot.”

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