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Cytarabine Liposome Chemo Treatment for Lymphomatous Meningitis

There are many types of cancer. There are those that you may never get to hear about until they affect you or someone close to you. Lymphomatous Meningitis (LM) is one such cancer that doesn’t quite make it to the top of common cancer types affecting people today, but it sure does exist and is a cancer common to the blood. An abnormal growth of lymphocyte cells, a type of white blood cell, is what results in LM. This condition begins from the body and spreads to the central nervous system, a condition that affects 15% or more patients.

Cell-cycle Specific Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is one of the treatment options used in treating LM. Cytarabine is a cell-cycle specific chemotherapeutic drug approved by FDA towards treatment of this condition. After finding out how grave the effects of LM are, I have undertaken to learn and understand how a cell-cycle specific chemotherapy drugs work.Cancer is characterized by an abnormal division of cells in the body. Cells, both cancerous and normal are produced through a cell division process known as cell cycle. The cycle goes through rest, active growing, and mitosis or division phases. Some chemotherapy affects cells in the rest stage and they are known as cell-cycle non-specific drugs while others affects cells in the mitosis stage and they are known as cell-cycle specific drugs. Liposomal Cytarabine falls in the latter stage.

Cytarabine Dosing, Strength and Administration

Cytarabine comes in 5ml Vials. Each ml contains a 10mg concentration of this drug. Therefore, the 5ml in essence has 50mg Cytarabine suspension in 0.9% sodium chloride water.This drug is given through injection every 14 days into the spinal fluid and strictly by a healthcare professional.

Where to buy Cytarabine

Cytarabine is sold online and locally only as a prescription only medication. You can buy Cytarabine online from reputable online drug suppliers like lifesaving.clinic. You have the option to go for brand Cytarabine drugs, if your budget will allow, or cheaper generic versions of the drugs at up to 90% lower prices. At lifesaving.clinic, you can take advantage of an all time lowest brand price or a wide selection of Cytarabine drugs at fair prices. All drugs here are stocked only from genuine suppliers.

I am planning to get pregnant, should I inform my doctor before taking liposomal Cytarabine?

Liposomal Cytarabine is not safe for the fetus so pregnant or those planning to get pregnant should inform the doctor before starting this medication. Furthermore, no vaccine or immunization should be given with this medication.

Which drugs will react with Cytarabine Liposome medication?

Before you start taking this Cytarabine medication, inform your doctor of any prescription or over-the counter medicine you might be taking as well as vitamins and herbal supplements. Aspirin is known to react with Cytarabine so avoid it while on medication unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

What should I do if I miss a dose?

Inform your doctor immediately to receive the missed dose and to form a new schedule for the medication. Otherwise, it is advisable to keep all your appointments for best results with Cytarabine.

What precautions should I observe during and after Cytarabine Liposome administration?

It is advisable to lie flat for at least an hour after Cytarabine injection because of the effects that this drug may have on a patient. In general, patients on this medication should have plenty of rest, feed well and always inform their doctors of any side effects they may be experiencing.

How long does it take my package to reach me?

Once we receive your order at lifesaving.clinic, it goes through a thorough check by our pharmacists. Within 48 working hours from the time we receive your order, we will have dispatched it and sent a parcel tracking number to your email.

What information should I give my doctor before the administration of Cytarabine Liposome medication?

Inform your doctor if you are hypersensitive to Cytarabine or if you have an active meningeal infection. This drug is contraindicated for patients with these conditions.

Can I buy Liposomal Cytarabine without prescription?

Liposomal Cytarabine is a prescription only drug so you will be required to accompany a valid doctor’s prescription with your order.

I have just had my first Cytarabine injection. Since I could not afford the brand, I opted for the cheaper priced Cytarabine drug. I am glad my doctor said it would work just fine although I am yet to see the effects. The fatigue and dizziness are the worst side effects one can have but I guess it’s the price one has to pay for treatment. - Marlin, Ohio

I have been on Cytarabine medication for the past three months. So far, I have received six injections through an intraventricular reservoir in my lower spinal column. I already feel the effects as symptoms of meningitis that I previously had are already disappearing. The sessions of treatment are as crazy as you can imagine I have had to be on bed rest almost all the time. I am glad this will soon be over, hopefully. - Ricky, Sidney

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