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Postmenopausal Cancer Treatment with Anastrozole

The high cost of cancer medication and treatment can be very discouraging. Even though these drugs are effective, not all patient have the financial capacity to take care of the bills. The truth is that there are alternative treatments or medications that are cheaper. All it takes is for you to do your research carefully and locate where to get low cost drugs.

Women, who have reached menopause naturally, have greater risks of having cancer. In addition, another reason they may have cancer is because of their age, which is already a cancer risk factor on its own. The truth is that menopause on its own, is not what causes cancer. As a woman gets old, the possibility of having cancer also increases.Another thing is that using combined hormone therapy for the treatment of symptoms of menopause can also increase the possibility of a woman, having cancer. In addition, females that experience menopause especially after they cross 55 years, have a high risk of breast, ovarian as well as uterine cancers.

Low cost treatment for breast cancer

Postmenopausal women who have breast cancer, can find relieve from using Anastrozole. This medication works by reducing the levels of estrogen hormone and this helps to shrink the tumor in the breast and retard their growth.

Arimidex is the brand name while Anastrozole stands for the generic. Both forms of this medication are very powerful and effective for the treatment of this condition. Above all, patient’s desire is to get medications that will not only deliver the required results but will also be more pocket friendly. The truth is that brand pill such as Arimidex can be very expensive. Let us say your Oncologist told you that you would be on this medication for 5 years. However, the cost of Arimidex 1mg tablet is $14.92. Therefore, the cost of 30 tablets would be 30 X $14.92 = $447.52.

The cost of Anastrozole, which is the generic form, is $4.38 per tablet. If you are buying 30 tablets, it automatically becomes 30 X $4.38 = $131.4. You can see the big difference in terms of the cost. You save more when you buy the Anastrozole. You can see this from the analysis above. Besides, both forms (Generic and brand), have the same quality, usage, and constituents.

Symptoms of breast cancer

  • Lump in your breast
  • Nipple discharging blood
  • Some changes in the breast’s skin
  • Change in shape, and size of your breast

When to see the doctor

If any signs and symptoms bother you, see your doctor immediately.

Does the Anastrozole work?

The first thing is to recognize the fact that the Anastrozole does exist. Patients who want to find out more information about this generic drug can ask their Oncology. They know more than you do in terms of drugs generally. However, when it comes to choosing the right generic option or any other cheaper alternative, they can prescribe it for you. Anastrozole has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of breast cancer and other forms of postmenopausal cancers in women.

Where can I purchase Anastrozole?

You can buy Anastrozole online. You can also get this medication from a local pharmacy store. However, remember to buy your medication from a trusted onlinepharmacy. This is the only way to be sure that you are not dealing with a fraudster, because they are many fake online pharmacy stores on the internet.If you are looking for a nice place to buy low cost and real cancer medications, the lifesaving.clinic is a nice option to consider. However, this medication is a prescription-only drug. Therefore, you must present a valid doctor’s prescription when placing order.

You can get both brand and generic drugs from the lifesaving.clinic online pharmacy. If you are still doubting the quality of the Anastrozole, you can start by ordering just small quantity. You can order for a month’s dose and after that, proceed to ordering 3 (about 120 pills), 6, or even a year’s supply.

In addition, wholesalers can also buy from this reputable online pharmacy. When you buy your medications here, you are sure of getting not just low cost drugs but high quality medications

How much does Anastrozole cost?

It is clear that the Anastrozole price for the brand form is quite different from the generic form. Let just go over it again,we said before that, Anastrozole 1mg tablet cost $14.92. If you are to receive this medication for 5 years, considering the cost cumulatively, you will prefer the Anastrozole, and save up to 90%.

I have been on Anastrozole for over 4 months now. The first thing that strikes me about this medication is the low cost and how effective it is. I had no serious side effects at all, other than just some hot flashes.
Betty, Colorado

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